K&N Unveils Their Hotter than Ever Racing-Inspired 2012 Calendar

Automotive calendars have been a staple in garages and shops for decades. Traditionally packed full of impressive rides and scantily clad women, the calendars give gearheads not only a way to keep track of the days of the month but also something to ogle while tinkering on their own toys. Although the traditional 15-inch automotive calendar has had much success, noted air intake company K&N wanted to bring something new to the automotive calendar world and that they have done with the recent unveil of their 2012 calendar.

For 2011, K&N went a whole different direction for their calendar than the average spread. Instead of having a theme, they included images of cars and women in unique settings to catch the eye of anyone who might walk into a garage where their calendar was hung. For 2012, K&N has done it again, creating their calendar around the vast world of vehicle racing.

From monster trucks and motocross bikes to professional drag cars and drag boats, the 2012 calendar includes images from real race teams in real race scenarios, showing that K&N has products for just about every vehicle. But don’t fret, that doesn’t mean that K&N did away with the car models.

Rather than having beautiful women stand in front of the vehicles like a traditional automotive calendar, the models are photographed as part of the race culture. All wearing K&N Motorwear apparel, some women can be seen working on race vehicles, while others work the track in 24 by 18-inch prints.

With every image created to appeal to viewers from the beginning to the end of the month, we’re sure these calendars will sell out fast, just like the 2011 calendars did. For just $14.99, there is no excuse not to buy your 2012 K&N calendar today. Get them before the envy of every man’s garage is not hanging in yours.

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