It’s not unusual for cats to find their way under, around, and into the engine bays of parked cars – attracted by the warmth and shelter, an underhood cat-nap usually ends with the feline bursting out from its hiding place, Aliens-style, the moment the key is turned. But in this case, a tiny kitten took a 180-mile journey hidden deep inside the fenderwell of a C5 Corvette.

The car’s owner was driving from New Orleans, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee when he noticed an odd sound coming from under the hood, and decided to make a stop at Howard Wilson Dodge in Flowood, Mississippi to get it checked out. There, mechanics discovered the very lucky cat inside the passenger fenderwell, chillin’ with her pal, the Powertrain Control Module, underneath the battery tray. Anyone who’s had to remove the PCM on a C5 knows what was involved in getting her out, but we’re happy to report little GG (short for Gloria Gaynor, best known for the tune “I Will Survive”) was dehydrated but otherwise none the worse for wear.

Despite the dealership’s policy of returning all items removed during service, the car owner declined to take the kitten with him to Memphis, and the local animal shelter came to her rescue. With all the media attention she’s getting, lucky GG will no doubt be adopted out in no time to a loving home where, hopefully, she will have learned her lesson and stick to sleeping on windowsills instead of fender liners.