With the growing number of teenagers and young adults refusing to go through the steps to attain a driver’s license, it may seem that younger generations are at risk for never knowing the joys of being a gearhead. The National Corvette Museum might have had this statistic in mind when they converted a storage space into the new KidZone. During the ribbon cutting ceremony, WBKO was on hand to help celebrate the new addition to the museum; the KidZone is designed to get children interested in cars along with allowing them some hands on experience with America’s beloved sportscar. Highlights include a Z06 car bed that will give children the chance to experience a drive-in movie. Along with the drive-in experience, children are given the opportunity to get mechanical experience without the grease and dirt that is destined to drive parents insane and destroy washing machines in the process.

By providing children a chance to get involved with Corvettes at a young age, the KidZone will hopefully inspire future mechanics, racers and enthusiasts. During the ribbon cutting ceremony Kate Frassinelli, Marketing Manager for the National Corvette Museum said, “The museum has always had Corvettes that are great to look at, but you can’t touch them. We wanted to add a space for kids where they are encouraged to touch, do hands-on activities and learn about cars in the process.” Along with turning wrenches on an interactive car, children are given the chance to experience working a service desk complete with clipboards and a schedule of daily tasks.

Bonus Fun! Kids, print out and color this picture of the NCM's terrifying mascot, Victor E. Vette!