It seems hard to believe that it is already midway through October, which means that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Thanks to Kerbeck Corvette and the numerous Corvette owners, the US Marine Corp’s Toys For Tots foundation received an early donation of toys for needy children. With the continuation of the stagnant economy and growing number of families struggling just to survive and keep a roof over their heads the demand will likely increase this year. As luck would have it Corvette owners are some of the most giving auto enthusiasts on the planet; a YouTube video illustrates the sheer number of Corvette lovers who took part in this annual fundraiser.

Kerbeck Corvettes located in New Jersey considers itself to be the number one Corvette dealer in the world and with the turn out at the 2011 Toys For Tots event it is likely to be true. October marks the beginning of the Toys For Tots collection drive and thanks to the efforts of many passionate Corvette owners many less fortunate children will get to experience the joy of unwrapping Christmas gift this year. Although the event was targeted at Corvette owners a few other makes and models played supporting roles in the event, but the multigenerational gathering of Corvettes stole the show.