It’s all about options in the automotive world. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide you with the options you want, you can be certain that an aftermarket company will. That is the case with the Karvajal ZX-1 Corvette released a couple years ago and recently featured on Although not our favorite, the ZX-1 goes to show that there truly is something out there for every car enthusiast.

The Karvajal ZX-1 Corvette conversion was overseen by Bennett Coachworks, LLC. in New York. Created to incorporate an aesthetic appeal as well as the brute force of a racecar, the ZX-1 took an ordinary C6 and turned it into an extraordinary sports car.

The ZX-1 was offered in three stages starting at $37,500 for the most basic. For those strictly interested in visual appeal, the basic conversion offered a custom all fiberglass or carbon fiber body by Prototype Composites which widened the stance of the Corvette by eight inches and manipulated the profile of the car. LED lighting was then used for the taillights, front signal strips and side markers. The basic conversion was then finished off in an OEM color of the customer’s choice while the driveline and interior components of the original C6 were left intact.

The Stage II conversion brought about more performance and appearance modifications. Customers could get a short-throw shifter, bigger wheels and tires with the HRE Custom Alloy 18/19-inch wheel package and a custom paint job for their Stage II cars. Custom interior options included Italian leather and Alcantara suede details, custom stitching, racing bucket seats and custom billet aluminum door sills. A full belly pan, custom exhaust tips, a K&N air intake, custom rear air diffusers and carbon fiber injector rail covers could also be added to Stage II cars.

The Karvajal ZX-1 Corvette is modified from every angle

For those seeking the ultimate performance to go along with their ZX-1’s unique look, Stage III was offered. To start off, Stage III cars received an Eaton/Magnusson supercharger, giving the modified C6 upwards of 600 HP. Stage III cars also received a Pfadt Race Engineering Coilover Adjustable Suspension with front and rear adjustable Premium Sway Bars, a Baer Brake System, and custom long tube headers with catalytic converters and an x-pipe.

While these cars don’t appeal to everyone, they definitely gave C6 Corvette owners a unique style option that even shares a few design cues with the most recent rendering of the future C7 Corvette. Check out more of the ZX-1’s statistics below.

Stage III

  • Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Body
  • Proprietary LED Lighting
  • Short Throw Shifter Matted to a 6-Speed Gearbox
  • Upgraded HRE Wheels with Nitto Performace Tires
  • Custom Interior and Paint
  • Eaton/Magnusson Supercharger
  • Liquid to Air Intercooler
  • K&N Air Intake System
  • Custom Long Tube Headers and Exhaust
  • ZX-1 Baer Brake System with drilled/vented rotors and Monoblock Billet Calipers
  • Pfadt Race Engineering Coilover Adjustable Suspension with Adjustable Front and Rear Premium Sway Bars