With the onset of fall on the horizon, this C4 driver’s peril should serve as a reminder to all performance car owners that snow often leads to disaster to these types of vehicles, especially Corvettes. From the sheer volume of snow on the ground in this video, the weather had obviously been bad for quite sometime, but what is perplexing is what would lead a Corvette driver to tempt fate with a C4 on the snowy streets. With snow accumulating in large quantities, the roads are best left to snowplows, big rigs, 4×4 trucks and possibly Tanner Foust in an EVO, not Corvettes. Perhaps this is the owner’s only mode of transportation?

While the motives are unclear, it made for a great video thanks to accompanying circus music. According to the camera guy documenting this epic failure the driver of the Corvette rocked the C4 back forth on the side street for close to an hour and half before giving up. Perhaps an “A” for effort is deserved, but this driver put the “F” in fail when came to driving a ‘Vette during a snowstorm. In the end the Corvette was left in the snow overnight until the plows rolled through the next day, from what the video guys claims. Let this driver’s misfortune serve as a public service announcement that Corvettes suck in the snow.