Junkyard with 110 Corvettes of Different Vintages For Sale

yard-3There are some dark days ahead for classic car collectors, and the first signs are already here. Junkyards full of automobiles many would classify as classics are closing their gates, often for good, and most of the time those unwanted cars end up in the crusher. Sure, most of them are probably beyond saving, but is anyone ever happy to see a Corvette sent to the crusher?

Bangshift was tipped off to this Craigslist advertisement for Wayne Auto Parts in Dover, Ohio, whose owners are planning to retire come June. The yard specialized in Corvettes from 1968 to 2003, and oddly enough Hummer H3 parts as well.

No asking price was placed, but if you include the land, you’re looking the middle six-figures at least. While some might argue that the Corvettes produced between 1968 and 2003 are among the least valuable (and they might have a point), there’s still plenty of people out there who need parts to allow restoring these vehicles. The C4 and C5 Corvettes could be especially hot tickets in the coming years, as prices of other vehicles from that era (like the Fox-body Mustang) are starting to rise in value again.

The yard deals mostly in used engines, transmissions, and pretty much anything else you can imagine needing for your 1968 to 2003 Corvette. But looking through the pictures, it seems like many of the cars have been all but plucked clean, and interest in performance cars overall seems to be waning. More likely than not, most of these Corvettes will end up in the crusher, and the collector car market will shrink just a little bit more.

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