Fans of Jetstream Blue Metallic may be singing the blues after March 8th, 2011 as GM has elected to discontinue the color earlier than scheduled. Corvette Blogger had the low down on what the discontinuation of this color will mean for future ‘Vette orders.

GM has scheduled a final order date for anyone looking to purchase a Jetstream Blue Metallic  (RPO 85U) ‘Vette, meaning that if one wants this color, the order must be placed between March 3rd and March 8th, 2011. Dealerships will still be able to take orders for this color code during the above-mentioned dates, but it might be advisable to wait and see which shade of blue will be offered for the 2012 models.

Again, the guys over at Corvette Blogger know their stuff and based on their observations of past hues of blue used by GM, they are already speculating about the depth of the new shade. During the C5 era GM offered Nassau Blue, a lighter shade, then switched to Navy Blue Metallic (darker color) and then Electron Blue. This example of going from light to dark repeats over and over again; this trend may continue into the C6 era as well.  Corvette Blogger suspects that new variety of blue will be a darker shade for the 2012-model based on the established pattern, but for now it is just a waiting game.