Jeff Gordon To Star As Corvette C6.R In Cars 2

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a kids movie, and the original Cars movie from Disney and Pixar had a little bit of something for everyone. It brought back the nostalgia of Route 66, coupled with the coolness of unique cars and characters, and wrapped it all in a heartwarming story about what is most important in life. And of course, there is a sequel coming out this summer.

Disney/Pixar have been slowly releasing a long cast list of new and recurring characters for Cars 2, and among the new cast members is “Jeff Gorvette,” voiced by NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon as a C6.R Corvette, reports Autoblog.

Now you might be scratching your head a bit, and we don’t blame you. After all, Gordon drives a Chevy Impala in the NASCAR series, not a Corvette. However, the producers of Cars 2 really wanted a Corvette C6.R in the movie, and apparently they wanted it voiced by someone just as recognizable as the Corvette. While us ‘vette fans may be familiar with names like Oliver Gavin and Jan Magnussen, the movie-going public has probably never heard of them. We’re pretty sure the Corvette Racing guys won’t mind too much though, as their beloved C6.R will be cast as “a respected competitor” and legitimate threat to the World Grand Prix.

It will be interesting to see what role Gorvette plays compared to Lightning McQueen, star of the original Cars movie. The only change we would have made? Call him “Jake Gorvette” in honor of Corvette Racing’s unofficial mascot. Autoblog also announced that world famous racing commentator Darrell Waltrip will return in his role as Darrell Cartrip, the excitable voice of the World Grand Prix. Is it wrong to be this excited about a kids movie?

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