Jay Leno may end up on a episode of Hoarders thanks to his large and ever growing collection of cars, but the thing that sets him apart from the cat lady’s house piled full treasures (trash) is the near perfect state in which his collection is kept. Leno seems to have one of almost everything including some very rare cars and crazy concept cars as well. In fact, an entire website is devoted to Leno’s collection with everything from videos, cars and games; however, a special feature showcased Leno’s 1965 Fiberfab Stingray Special. The silver roadster highlights the creative and stunning designs of Bud Goodwin of Fiberfab Corp.

According to ConceptCarz.com, the Fiberfab Roadster was initially built in 1959 at their Sunnyvale, California location for prototyping purposes. During the design process Fiberfab initially planned to purpose the body to work with both the C1 and C2 chassis, which would lead to an eventual offering to the consumer market. The silver ’65 Fiberfab Stingray now belonging to Leno was the only roadster to be built using a 1965 C2 chassis. The original 327 engine, Muncie Heavy Duty transmission and rear differential from the 1965 Corvette are still in place. This unique Fiberfab Stingray was a raced a few times by Bud Warren and was featured in the “Man from Glad” commercial.