As an American who has never been to Italy, you’d probably picture the Italian car scene as being cluttered with Ferraris and Lamborghinis as if they were Hondas here in the States. While they probably have more than their fair share of their own brew, the one sided picture we’ve constructed in our heads isn’t completely accurate. It seems as if the Italian car scene is about as diverse as our own. It looks as if the American car presence is a bit stronger than one would think, especially when checking out the Corvette and Camaro Club of Italy’s meet-up at the Autodromo Di Modena circuit.

From second gens to late model Chevrolet products, this meet surprisingly had it all. We see a variety of American icons almost looking at home in the Italian car scene. In one of these photos, we even catch a ZR1 taking part in the action. Even though Europeans can’t get their fingers on the American Muscle machines quite as effortlessly as we can here in the states, they are still out in full fledge.

A wide variety of Vettes came through the Italian import meet

We might even go as far as saying that this Italian meet may rival or exceed some of the Chevrolet meets we’ve seen here in the states. While this may alert us that we need to step our game up here in Chevrolet’s native land, we’re equally as excited to see how widespread our passion for the bow-tie is in lands near and far.