Is This the Only New Old Stock Rochester Fuel Injection Unit Left?

fi1Rochester fuel injection units are highly sought after these days – rare from the factory to begin with, they became even more so as owners unable to keep the somewhat temperamental mechanical fuel injection running in tune discarded them in favor of conventional carburetors. At the time, nobody suspected that fuelies would command a huge premium at auction today.

Speaking of auctions, everyone’s favorite way to sell off their unwanted garage inventory (in order to acquire more parts in their place) has an interesting item up for sale. Found on eBay is what is purported to be a new-in-box Rochester fuel injection setup, presumably from some long-forgotten trove of dealership replacement parts. The seller is rocking a 100% positive feedback rating, and has a feedback score of 151, so we’re inclined to believe this is probably the real deal.

Mmm... you can almost smell the raw gas leaking through those 50-year-old seals!

The system comes in a factory-stamped shipping crate, and appears from the photos to be in remarkably good condition, though we strongly suspect that all the perishable gaskets, diaphragms, and hoses will need to be replaced after sitting for fifty years in the name of not burning your car to the ground the first time you start it.

Included at no extra charge: Raiders of the Lost Ark-style shipping crate!

Included at no extra charge: Raiders of the Lost Ark-style shipping crate!

For anyone who owns a formerly-fuelie Chevy, the $18,750 asking price might be a bargain relative to the jump in value a car with the correct induction system would see – Do you think this would be a good investment, either as-is for its standalone collector value, or to bring a carb-converted Corvette back to factory spec?

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