Is this Chromed Convertible the “Loudest” C6 Corvette Ever?

  If it’s attention that you crave by means of your transportation, there are several routes one can explore to reach this goal. For starters, you could pick out an earth-rumbling exhaust system like a lot of folks do. You could even choose to drive around in a Rally Yellow Chevrolet. If neither of these options are quite attention grabbing enough, you could always take a cue from this Corvette owner. This next car draws more attention to itself than driving down the road with your top down and stereo blasting, all while screaming, “Look at me!”

While we’ve seen some gaudy trends emerging lately (like 28 inch rims on 5th gen Camaros), it’s a surprise that vinyl chrome clad vehicles have not quite caught on in the world of flashy and extravagant car modification. We aren’t sure if that is for better or worse, but one thing is for sure; the reflective wrapping has spectator eyes on a string. As if the factory colors weren’t vivid enough, the reflection from this chrome vinyl wrap could more than likely be seen from a satellite in outer space. To add the cherry to the sundae, we learn from Auto Evolution that the Lithuanian C6 isn’t even available in the dealerships in its country – talk about flash.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much info out there pertaining to the performance specs of this otherwise stock-looking mobile mirror. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if it had a super loud exhaust to match the screaming visual modifications. Like it or not, you have to admit that the owner of this Vette succeeded at making a statement, if nothing else. All that he has to worry about now is trying to convince the cops that it was the other chrome Corvette doing 100+ in a 55.

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Jesse is currently a Senior at the University of Delaware and has been a car freak his entire life, probably due to his dad being a mechanic. If he's not at school or writing about cars, he's probably under the hood or behind the wheel of his '00 Corvette.
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