With some degree of despondency, we report what might develop into a new fad in the classic car community. Corvette Blogger has provided photos of a 1957 bard find Corvette that was on exhibit at the Bloomington Gold event in St. Charles, Illinois, last month.

What otherwise appears to be a C1 fuelie in reasonable shape was exhibited in all it’s barn find glory, complete with dust, dirt, and we shudder to think of what else. According to the web site, the Bloomington Gold people were taking a survey at the event to see what the public’s opinion was on what the destiny of the car should be.

You can hop on over to Corvette Blogger and register your vote right here and they’ll pass on the results.

According to David Burroughs, CEO of the Bloomington Gold event, “Bloomington Gold’s mission is to preserve the historic accuracy of factory production cars. Therefore, we recognize and inspire collectors to preserve cars in or restore them to typical factory production… no better, no worse, no different.”

This, in fact, is the second case that we’ve run into where a barn find has been left “as is” for display purposes. There was a case of a vintage Shelby Mustang being kept in a similar manner, for what reasons we cannot fathom ourselves. We just hope that this is not some new trend yet to emerge in force for the next show season.