There is seems to be percentage of boat owners and builders who truly idolize the Corvette. Whether Corvette-powered or Corvette-inspired, the unification of the beloved American sports car and its namesake vessel has to led creative and wild designs over the years. A Washington state boat owner decided that the Corvette would serve as the inspiration for his water toy. Setting out to create a boat that actually looks like a 1967 Stingray takes a lot of careful planning and hard work; otherwise it could end looking like a hideous mess or perhaps a future Wrecked Vette Wednesday contender. Amazingly, the Stingray’s shape lends itself to boat design fairly well.

Areas where the wheel wells should have been with carefully painted to give the appearance without having any unnecessary cutouts or odd shapes to the entire body of the boat. The architect behind this project took into account the unique features of the Stingray and applied them to the visible areas of the vessel. From the bow of the ‘Vette, the headlights and front grill create an illusion that makes the boat appear more car-like. Emblems and trim pieces were applied to further enhance the ‘Vette-like facade; careful attention was paid to the hood (bow) area to provide an accurate representation of the exclusive Stingray styling. Overall the entire package is a success except for the Johnson outboard motor; perhaps a Seven Marine 6.2L supercharged LSA engine would have been a better choice for purposes of power and authenticity.