Call it reverse resto-modding or something worse, but there are a small fraction of C5 owners who are obsessed with making their modern Corvette resemble the original C1. Customizing cars is about creativity and craftsmanship, but some creations and trends are appealing only to a very small niche market. Previously, CorvetteOnline has covered the reverse resto-modding of a couple of C5’s converted  to pay tribute to the Nomad concept. However, taking a C5 and making it appear to be a C1 takes a certain level of craftsmanship for it to be considered a successful transformation. TorqueNews caught sight of this restyled C5 at the Kiwanis Harper Charity Cruise 2011 and provided a little further insight into the unique Corvette.

From the front angle the C5 does not look too obnoxious; despite the obvious front-end length issue it provides a fairly reasonable representation of a 1953. However, the rear of the car leaves something to be desired; elements of the iconic styling of the ’53 are present, but the overall effect just appears disjointed and the C5 roofline does not lend itself to the C1 components used. Unlike the previous Nomad conversions, this conversion excluded the C5 doors and side mirrors from any restyling. Regardless of personal opinions or bias, the level of skill required to assemble something like this has to be appreciated and the lack of obvious bodyline gaps is impressive. Just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that no matter how bad this may seem, the Dragon Vette is always far worse.