Are you a fan of the flush-mount headlights found on the C6 Corvettes? Even if you aren’t, you have Corvette Racing to thank for the change in headlamp form. With CorvetteBlogger’s recent video, Corvette Racing Program Director Doug Fehan discusses the light change for racing that has since transferred to production Corvettes.

With Corvette Racing’s Technology Transfer program, technological advances that are perfected on the race team cars are then utilized on production Corvettes, giving Corvette owners the latest and greatest, track-tested components on their sports cars. While headlights may seem to be a minor component, and not even fall into the category of a technological advancement, the new flush-mount headlights solve problems with the flip-up headlight design seen since their introduction on the Corvette model in 1962.

With the popup headlights running counter to aerodynamics on the Corvette, and not being overly reliable if a headlight motor went out, Corvette Racing redesigned the lights to sit flush in the front of the C5-R. In addition to helping the Corvettes slide through the air better, the new flush-mount headlights gave the cars a bit of weight savings- both things that are especially important for racing. With the improvements seen with the C5-R, Chevrolet implemented the new headlight design on the production C6 Corvette.

While the flip-up headlight has been iconic of the Corvette for generations, we can see how the change has helped, and we don’t think they look bad either. What do you think of the flush-mount headlights?