Convertible tops are normally limited to some very basic colors, usually black, white or tan. Not wanting to stay with the basics, GM announced in October of 2010 that there would be another color offering for the convertible Corvettes in the 2011 model year. Corvette Blogger carried the announcement of the new blue hue for the convertibles, along with pictures.

Previously the Corvette owners had the choice of ordering their cars with black (41T), beige (35T) or gray (37T) tops. Now future owners can elect to order the blue (34T) as an option, which would compliment a car with blue or white exterior. Black was the dominant color choice for ‘vert orders last year, but it will be interesting to see how the new hue performs with the public. The picture of the SuperSonic Blue Grand Sport Corvette on the Corvette Blogger site not only features the new blue top, but the new blue accent stitching as well.

This new stitching color is only available with the Ebony or Titanium 4LT packages, which may prevent a few truly horrible color combinations from injuring the aesthetic qualities of the C6. Formerly, red and yellow were the stitching options for the Corvette. The cost of ordering the accent stitching is $395. There are more expensive options available, but when you are ordering your new dream Corvette does a few hundred dollars really matter?