Will the 60th Anniversary of the Corvette mark the end of the C6 platform?

While just about everyone with a love for American sports cars wants the C7 Corvette to arrive sooner rather than later, the amount of back channel chatter is growing every week. Even the well respected, industry-oriented rag Automotive News is getting into the act these days. Unfortunately, clicking your heels three times and repeating ‘there’s no place like home’ simply won’t get you where you need to be on this topic.

Rumors and speculation are lots of fun, but ultimately unsatisfying. Regardless, in the dearth of information from GM, others will start seeing significance in sometimes the smallest of details. Product editor Rick Kranz at Automotive News had a source apparently confirm that the C6 model will carry on through the 2012 and 2013 model years. Nothing ground breaking there, actually.

Without explanation, however, Kranz has further suggested that the 2013 model year may be shortened to accommodate what he apparently anticipates to be an extended retooling period at the Bowling Green factory. We’re not sure of the facts behind that, but if C6 sales start falling off while waiting for the C7, there could be some incentive for GM to push the schedule up. Only time will tell on that one.

Now, both Kranz and our friends over at Corvette Blogger are both anticipating a special edition, 60th Anniversary Corvette that would be done up in the same colors as the 1953 car – white exterior with red interior. That makes a lot of sense and might actually do something to boost 2013 sales.

This kind of changeover period is a challenge, both for the manufacturer and their enthusiast customers. Both parties would likely want to see more information made available earlier, but corporate policies limit the scope of what can be said. Because GM is a publicly traded company (again), the rules governing Cans and Cant’s are very explicitly spelled out. Again, all will be revealed in the fullness of time, but it may get a little painful before we get there.