360-Degree View Inside Corvette’s 755 Horsepower LT5 Engine

If a picture is really worth one-thousand words, then a video is the textual equivalent of War & Peace. So for you folks who are reading all the stats and forum threads about the new 755-hp LT5 engine in the 2019 ZR1 Corvette and still find yourselves wanting for more, this video is for you.

Recently, CarGuy11 posted this video of his quick walk around of the new LT5 engine during the Chicago Auto Show. There are some interesting points to note as well. While this general supercharger architecture has been used by Chevrolet on the previous ZR1 and LT4 engines, it bears noting that this is the first application that utilizes both Direct-injection and port-injection.

Using both styles of adding fuel has several advantages, some more apparent than others. Mainly, it answers the need to infuse the necessary amount of fuel to ensure a safe air to fuel ratio when going into boost at any engine speed. That has been an issue of direct-injection for some time. Using electronically-controlled port-fuel injection not only allows engineers to increase the amount of fuel, but it also allows for choosing when to increase fuel, as it’s not limited by mechanical pump speeds (think low engine rpm).

Also, with Direct-injection, there have been issues with carbon build-up on the tops of valves. Using port-injected fuel helps eliminate carbon build-up as the fuel is introduced into the air stream before the valve and can help wash the top of the valve during operation.

We love seeing cutaway engines because it helps to understand the relationship between components and makes it much easier to see the technology that goes into today’s powerhouses. Of course, staring down into the throat of the ZR1’s new, larger supercharger is always a great way to get a car guy’s attention!

For those mechanical fuel pump aficionados, you’ll enjoy the bird’s eye view of the pump and it’s drive system, along with the direct-injector’s path of fuel to the combustion chamber. All in all, the video does a good job of showing some of the highlights of the LT5 and CarGuy11’s narration doesn’t detract from the information and quality of the video at all. Thanks for the vid CarGuy11.

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