Infamous Texas Mile Race Gets a New Home

A festival of all out speed has been held in Texas since 2003 when participants came together at a small airport in a little town called Goliad and dubbed the pursuit of top speed the Texas Mile. The event was held on a mile long stretch of runway with the goal of seeing who could hit the highest possible speed in a standing mile. The vehicles in the event start at a timing gate and go wide open as soon as they can, accelerating to well over 200 miles per hour in some cases.

The last Texas Mile event held in October 2010 was the final one to be held in Goliad and the Texas Mile is looking forward to its inaugural event at its new home this month. The event will be held at Chase Industrial & Airport Complex in Beeville, Texas. The format will be the same, racers will start from a dead stop, and a see what their car can hit in a mile of open runway. The previous speed record for the unlimited class is a blazing 324 miles per hour.

As you can imagine there are many Mustangs at the event along with exotics, motorcycles and just about every type of vehicle you can imagine from street cars to all out unlimited racecars built solely to tackle the infamous mile. The 324 mile per hour record was set by one of the most exotic machines to run the Texas Mile, a jet dragster.

The unlimited streetcar record holder is a Lamborghini with turbo that hit 250.1 mph and the record holder for motorcycles is 278.6 mph. If you want to take your Stang and hit the Texas mile, the next event is May 27-29 and registration is open now. The event is known to sell out in only a few hours so get signed up and let us know how you did.

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Shane McGlaun

Shane is a long time Mustang enthusiast and writer. Owning many Mustangs over the years, Shane was more well known for purchasing BOSS 302 VIN #0001 and selling it for another BOSS. Shane enjoys tracking his BOSS Mustang and performing minor upgrades to it as well.
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