How To: Destroying Your Corvette in Every Single Way Imaginable

Guess you just can't teach good taste...

When we were directed to a thread on the Yellow Bullet Forums titled “Corvette Customizing Gone Wrong,” we were under the assumption that there were only a certain number of ways that you could mess up a perfectly good car, let alone a perfectly good Corvette. Well, in truth, bad taste has once again proven us wrong. While some of the cars are only moderately modified, others take gaudy to the next level.

This one may have been intentional...

Even though some of the cars in the thread appear to have been done very well in terms of workmanship, others look like their owners have been sniffing glue a little bit too much. It is hard to believe that some of these monstrosities even started out as Corvettes. While not all of the cars posted are all that bad looking, most of them are just downright awful.

With that being said, we have taken the liberty of picking out some of the worst offenders to give you a taste of the lack of taste. While it was difficult to choose, three really stood out to us as genuinely terrible. Among them are a C5 that appears to have collided with the electronics aisle at the local Walmart (top) and a primer covered something or other with a C5 tail and Venetian blind styling (bottom left). Perhaps the worst of all is a C6 that appears to have been painted with a roller multiple times (right), the infamous Dragon Vette. For an honorable mention, we chose the idiot that thought it would be a good idea to hang a Mustang badge on the back of his Vette (bottom right).

It is pages like this that make us think that some sort of IQ test should be put into place right after the credit check portion of purchasing a new Corvette. If you want to check it out for yourself, there are currently 14 pages full of these, erm….. colorful rides. We must warn you though, after seeing them all, you may be inclined to smash your head through your keyboard.

Feel free to insert your face into your palm.

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