How To Blow Your Motor 101: Open Nitrous Bottle Into Intake

Internet famous Corvette enthusiast and boost-a-holic, Cleetus McFarland, is known for his somewhat pointless yet entertaining YouTube videos.

If its not him doing donuts around a guy on a dirt bike or sticking random objects up his exhaust– What other shenanigans are there to do?! He’s always accepting ideas in the comments section but, this time, he just happened to come across a free bottle of NOS. I mean, uh... nitrous. Sorry.

In case you missed it, Cleetus actually purchased a project car a couple months back, with the sole intent of using it to entertain his followers. Its a 2001 C5 Corvette with only 32,000 miles and little to no body panels, nicknamed Leroy. Its 6-speed manual transmission and the LS1 under the hood make the $5,500 it costed him money well spent.

Leroy has been thrown on the dyno a couple times now, making a solid 350 horsepower almost every time. Just a few days ago, at the Indianapolis Street Car Takeover, he did a baseline run of 386 horsepower, but Cleetus wanted to throw a “ghetto shot of nitrous” straight into the air intake just for shits and giggles.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.47.37 PM copy 2

He said he “didn’t want too go to far,” but, lets be honest, is there really such thing as too far when it comes to doing it for Dale?

It picked up 61 horsepower the first try, and a whopping 80 horsepower when they tried shooting it at higher RPMs, reaching 466 rwhp. He was racing the next day, so luckily, the LS1 is practically indestructible– and Leroy has yet again survived another series of Cleetus McFarland’s ridiculous shenanigans.

Looks to us like Leroy needs a permanent bottle.

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