How Much Is Too Much – Is A Body Kit On A ZR1 Over The Top?

Photos: ZR1 Body Kits

While there is a hierarchy of models in the sports car world, there is a comparable one within Corvette’s own model line. From the entry level coupe to the top-of-the-line ZR1, each has a defining personality and an equally important customization potential.

If there is a single thread that runs common through virtually all automotive enthusiasts, it is a desire to make their ride uniquely theirs. This drive can sometimes lead us to do things that are beyond the expected norm, whether intentionally, or just because we liked it that way. In some cases, an owner may be driven to excess. Really? That ever happen to you?

All of which now brings us to the case of body kits, such as the one shown here by A close look at the photos will show excellent quality in fabrication, installation and finishing. Body kits certainly fall outside the realm of easily reversible mods, so the question is: Is it tasteful put a kit like this on your Corvette?

From the photos, you’ll see that painting this one black does little to make it any more subtle, but if you’re into body kits, subtlety may not be tops on your priority list. Inspired by the C6.R Corvette, the Extreme Style ZR1 kit (shown) sells for $7599, and is made up in fiberglass using compression molds. All factory mounting points are retained.

The Extreme version adds 1.5-inches width to your ride, which allows for wider wheels and tires if you’re so oriented. ZR1 Body Kits offers a carbon fiber option for the front lip, side skirts and diffusers as well.

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