Let’s say you’ve spent countless months building up your new pride and joy in the garage; late nights, frustrating weekends where nothing ever seemed to go right, parts retailers that couldn’t seem to get your order right the first time, and every other possible setback that you could have imagined in the process.

But now it’s finished, with one exception – you don’t know how much power it makes, and you need to have the tune looked at by a professional. That’s where the fine folks at Dynojet come in – their website has a fine listing of every single Dynojet operator in the world.

dynojet1Simply visit this link, pick out your locale from the dropdown menu, and you’re set. A list of dyno operators in your state (or country, if you’re outside the USA) and you’ll be able to start making phone calls to find which facility is best to help you, and get your combination running in tip-top shape.

Dynojet Research pioneered the first single roller inertia dynamometer for motorcycles back in 1989, and since then has developed a number of different automotive and motorcycle dynamometers.

In fact, we’ve got one of their 224xLC automotive dynamometers in the ground at the Power Automedia facility in Murrieta, California, and use it on a regular basis to prove out our modifications on all of our project cars. 

A few months back, we put together an article explaining all of the intricacies of dyno operation, how it can help you, and what’s involved in getting your car together for a dyno appointment, and we suggest you read it if you’re in the market for an appointment – there are a lot of helpful tips that will assist you in readying your car, and yourself, for a day spent spinning on the roller.

For more information on Dynojet products, check out their website.