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Heidts To New Heights – New Company Website Rolled Out

Heidts 1968 Camaro

Heidts 1968 Camaro

While surfing around the internet we stumbled across Heidts Engineered Performance brand new web site. This isn’t like when you buy a beater car, paint it “resell red” and hope to make a quick buck. No, they started with a brand new frame and went from the ground up. 

The new site functions just like a brand new car as well; quick, precise, and you don’t have to jiggle the keys to get it to work right. We were really impressed with it and some of the new features the site has:

  • Product Search: Simply click your year, make, and model and the right products show up for your ride
  • Calendar of Events: Easily find out where they are going to be at so you’re always in contact
  • Blog: This is an effortless way of keeping tabs on everything new at Heidts. This would include new products, specials, shows, etc. 
  • Videos: Sometimes only a video can display how awesome the suspension works. Photo’s don’t always do it justice, you need to see the a-arms range of travel. 

One thing that really stands out about this site is that it screams customer satisfaction. What we mean by that is you can view the catalog online or order a catalog. After you’ve made your decision and are stuck in the middle of the install with greasy hands in the garage, they are still there. Detailed instructions for everything can be found on the site to give you step by step guidance. Want to see how somebody else bolted it all together? Theres a plethora of articles available to view. If all that fails and you still have a question, their number is big and bold on the site, along with an e-mail address. 

Overall the new Heidts site is a wealth of information. Everything you would want to know about Heidts or about suspension can be found on the new site. 

A small preview of the new Heidts website.

A small preview of the new Heidts website.


Phone: (800) 841-8188

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