So, you have a C7 Corvette and absolutely love the car – the power that the LT1 makes from the factory is amazing, but loses your interest after driving it around for a few months, which, in turn raises the question, “how can I make it faster?”

Datalogging is important to developing reliable, powerful supercharger systems.

Well, after some long hours in the lab and on the track, ProCharger has perfected their C7 supercharger setup for all types of driving. Whether you’re going to road race your C7, take it to the drag strip, daily drive it, or all of the above, ProCharger has sixteen head unit options, as well as three finish options. Other options include two intercooler choices and two inlet choices.

Another awesome part about this system is the fact that ProCharger thought about the future – what if you ever wanted to revert your C7 back to factory specifications? No problem! ProCharger is now providing two pre-modified OEM parts with every supercharger system purchase to speed up the installation process and to negate having to cut up or trim any factory components.

ProCharger’s different head unit options allow the customer to achieve any power level they have their sight set on – from 650 horsepower applications, up to 1200, their supercharger systems offer efficient and reliable power at the command of your right foot.

Image Source: M2K Motorsports

Posted earlier this week was an article on M2K Motorsports’ C7 that set a trap speed record of 145.09 MPH – they’re running a wild ProCharger F-1X setup on theirs! For more information on these superchargers, head on over to ProCharger’s website and see which kit and finish option would be perfect for your application.