Best forum comment: ‘Don’t worry – the Camaro taillights are OK’

Nothing that happens in the world escapes the attention of cell phone cameras and the interwebs, but quite a few things that never actually happened also turn up with photographic proof on forums across the web. Today, we bring you a photo of what might be the second 2014 Corvette to meet an unfortunate fate on public roads, but we can’t confirm the location or circumstances, and the photo itself is pretty low quality. Is it a fake, or did this Stingray really get center-punched by a Lincoln Town Car?

fnrc7The first C7 incident, where a company driver took the advertising slogan “Find New Roads” very literally, was also written off as Photoshoppery at first, though Chevy did confirm the crash fairly quickly. In this case, we have naught but the photo to go by so far, and if it’s the real deal, it was a pretty significant crash. Based on the resting positions of the cars, it looks as if a failure-to-yield brought the cars in contact at the far side of the intersection, with the ‘Vette pushed sideways across the wet pavement all the way to the crosswalk opposite where it started. Even with the low friction of a rain-soaked road, that would take some force, and the Corvette shows very little damage, considering.

So, we will have to wait and see if other photos surface, or if we otherwise get confirmation from news reports or the company itself. In the meantime though, if it turns out to be real, we’re impressed at how well the C7 stood up to the impact.

Source: Corvette Forum via CorvetteBlogger.com

UPDATE: Yep, it’s real…