Imagine having a relaxing evening in the hot tub when you hear the roar of your Corvette’s engine as it pulls out of the garage with a car thief behind the wheel. According to the Charleston Daily Mail, a 1975 Corvette belonging to Rock Manchin was stolen right off of his property and destroyed in a crash as the suspect tried to flee from police.

This 1975 Corvette had been Manchin’s first car, which was purchased for him by his father once he reached the legal driving age. His father provided each of his children with a car once they were old enough to drive, on the condition that they took care of it. Manchin had followed through with that promise for 36 years until the car was allegedly stolen and destroyed by Ronnie Lee Long on February 4, 2011.

At first Manchin was not alarmed by hearing the car fire up, as he loans the car to his nephews from time to time. Only when Manchin’s wife came out of the house asking him who was taking the taking the ‘Vette did he realize what was happening. Immediately the police were called and pursued the suspect until he lost control of the car and crashed into a tow truck.

Manchin had taken excellent care of the car; in fact he had just had it repainted only days before it was stolen and subsequently destroyed. Despite having owned the ‘Vette for over three decades, Manchin was saddened at the demise of his car, but he stated that it was only a vehicle. At least he will have the memories and photos of the car, but you have to feel sorry for his loss; whether you admit it or not, sometimes a car is more than just transportation…