We’re not sure how to say this, so we’re just going to say it -we dig virtual racing games. We wouldn’t go as far as calling ourselves gamers, but when we’re taking a break from wrenching or racing our real cars, it’s pretty cool to get behind the “wheel” of something and tear up a racetrack.

Twenty years ago if you were a car guy that played video games, it would have been a good reason to get picked on by your peers. But now with the the continuous advancement in computer technology, along with auto manufacturers licensing their designs for increased revenue, today’s driving games are simply kickass. Especially since game designers are trying their best to make them as realistic as possible.

We found out about the upcoming release of Grid 2, the sequel to the well received but little known driving game, through the Top Gear UK Facebook page of all places. Featuring vintage and modern muscle cars, sports cars, and European exotics, there seems to be something for everyone. We’ve never had our hand at the first installment, but if it’s anything like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsports, then it should be a good time to say the least.

We just checked out the trailer and it looks like it has some potential; new and Old Mustangs, Camaros, a C6 Zr1 -even an Ariel Atom. There are countless other cars in the game too, and now we’re wondering what else there is. Unfortunately, the official vehicle list has yet to be released to the public, so we’ll have to wait and see.