Zip Corvette 05Everyone loves a good car show. But while top-tier Show & Shines and the Concours d’Elegance are great in their own right, sometimes the most fun can be had at nonchalant car meets and weekend kickbacks simply for the love of the automobile.

Zip Corvette 03Zip Corvette is well aware of this fact, and began hosting such a car meet to much success. This year marks the company’s 5th annual running of its “Cruisin’ In The Fast Lane” customer-appreciation day, which will consist of an entirely informal, all-for-fun car show, free lunch and a 10% showroom place on May 7th at the Zip headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, the event offers an easy going environment to cruise through with your ‘Vette, commune with fellow gearheads, and take advantage of Zip’s one-day 10% discount.

Last year, more than 230 of the best Corvettes on the East Coast showed up to stretch their legs. From jaw-dropping classics to cutting-edge late-models and everything in between, every generation makes an appearance.Zip Corvette 06

Zip is welcoming everyone from 10 AM to 3 PM – rain or shine – and with no judges, no entry fee and no registration, all you have to do is show up.

So if you’ve had your ‘Vette tucked away for the winter and have been itching to get it back on the road, Zip Corvette’s Cruisin’ In The Fast Lane show is the perfect opportunity to take it for a spin, meet a few fellow enthusiasts, and have a killer time.Zip Corvette 04