GoodGuys1When you think of the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association the first things you probably think of are huge car shows, camaraderie, and shared passion for classic cars. You’ll even find a little friendly competition tearing up the autocross.

So many cars are destined to be babied and shown, bought, or built as investments. However, there are those of us who believe cars are meant to be driven, not hidden under a sheet on a checker-board-covered shop floor. After all, cars are a conveyance, but they are much more than point “A” to “B” machines. Classic cars are able to transport the owner’s spirit to another time and place. Call it nostalgia or the good ‘ole days, but most of us just call it fun!


The Music City Road Tour will only have 50 cars so, register soon!

Goodguys knows that driving is at least half of the recipe to being a gearhead, so they have organized a country-wide road tour series to get you out on the tarmac. The 2017 calendar kicked off in late March with a tour from Northern California to the Southern part of the state.

If you missed the first installment of the road tour series, check out the calendar here for your next opportunity. Other tours will include Iowa to Ohio, another California tour leading up to the West Coast Nationals, and a seven-day marathon covering 2,000 miles that Goodguys has dubbed The Music City Road Tour.

Make sure you get on the list. You don’t want to wait very long to sign up, because unfortunately, there is only room for 50 cars to participate in this cross-country adventure.