Everyone has fantasized about being a rockstar – they get tons of hot chicks, have amazing homes and own (and sometimes wreck) incredible cars. According to Reuters, Slash (guitarist from Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, but more recently known for his involvement with the Guitar Hero videogame) is putting a collection of personal items up for auction. Among them is his beautiful 1966 Corvette Stingray, on the block at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills on March 26th.

The Stingray is powered by a 427 cubic inch engine and is described by Slash as “monster of a car,” during a recent interview. This was the one of the first  automotive purchases Slash made once Gn’R made it to the big time during the late 1980’s and it is expected to bring somewhere around $90,000 to $100,000 at auction.

The ’66 ‘Vette was the first “good” car Slash had ever owned, but first loves are sometime forgotten as the years pass. This ‘Vette has been in storage for years thanks to a series of passionate affairs with an Aston Martin and the demands of parenthood. Due to its lack of both use and usefulness (with two young boys, it’s not exactly a commuter car) it was no longer practical for the rock icon.

It may seem like strange for a rockstar to be concerned with practicality, but Slash and his wife wanted to help those in need through financial support of a worthy cause – this charity in particular helps abused and/or homeless adolescents. It may seem difficult to part with you first dream car, but Slash wanted to help those in need. If you have a spare hundred grand then you may be cruising the ’66 ‘Vette that once belonged to the Slash through “Paradise City” this summer.