C7 1Apparently, ordering a brand new car is never a truly “easy” process,” and it appears to be especially true when the new car in question actually represents a brand new generation of a very old marque. GM proudly unveiled the latest version of the Corvette lineup earlier this year, but how you will be able to get your hands on one is a matter of jumping through hoops.

That’s because Corvette Blogger and Kerbeck Corvette’s Dave Salvatore have laid out the “ordering consensus” timeline for the ’14 Stingray, and from what we can see so far, one must be very patient in order to get one’s hands on what could be the best Vette yet. The C7’s ordering consensus period began a couple of weeks back on May 23rd, and according to Kerbeck and Dave Salvatore, it was set to be a two-week process.

C7 2At the dealership end of the spectrum, Chevy shops were able to prioritize their car orders by May 30th, having GM pick these up directly from the source. All bank orders on the new C7s had to be submitted by the first of June, and dealers had until the 4th of this month to make reasonable changes to all picked-up orders.

All C7 orders picked-up by General during the first week of the car’s consensus period did not see any order sale changes until the 5th of this month, and any orders at number 1,100 by that point did not get picked-up during the consensus’ first week. For the orders that have been received, GM may start giving dealers approximate assembly dates on the cars, but Kerbeck in particular has not yet begun to take deposits on the new Stingray.

GM also makes it clear to their dealers that assembly dates are always flexible and can easily change, as assembly line, quality control and other factors can bog down the assembly process. It goes without saying, then, that good things really do take time. Is the new generation of Vette for 2014 worth the wait to you?!

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