GM Takes Social Media to a New Level with “The BLOCK”

Practically everyone is on multiple social media sites these days, whether it’s forums, Facebook, Twitter or other ‘keeping tabs on your friends and favorite celebrities’ websites. But what if you could have all the best parts of your favorite social media sites combined into one that’s geared specifically to your favorite American manufacturer? Well now you can with the introduction of GM’s “The BLOCK.” According to GM News, this new website is “a performance-oriented online social community” that’s being boasted as something gearheads have never seen before. Sounds interesting, especially for Chevy fans.

Every member on The BLOCK will get a unique code like this that can be scanned at car shows and cruises by other enthusiasts to learn more about your vehicle.

The BLOCK is meant to bring Chevy fans together to form a cyber community. On the new website, you can set up a profile similar to something you might create about yourself on Facebook, but this time, it’s all car related. So if you have an intense project going, a nicely restored Chevy or even a modern muscle car, this is the place to brag about your ride. On your profile, you can post pictures, awards won, specs and anything else you’d like to share about your Chevy with other users.

“The BLOCK is social media for gearheads,” said Jim Campbell, General Motors U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles & Motorsports in the recent GM News release. “Whether you’re into street rods, muscle cars, trucks or late-model performers, it is designed for enthusiasts of all stripes to share their experiences and talk about their projects with like-minded people who share a passion for building, racing and enjoying cars and trucks.”

Although this sounds similar to some forum “garages,” The BLOCK offers more to its users. Each person who creates a car profile will be issued a specific Quick Response (QR) code, one of those crazy new modified bar codes that can be scanned by your smart phone. The codes are meant to be printed and displayed on your windshield at car events so other enthusiasts can scan it and bring up your profile on the new social site to check out the details of your ride.

Get first looks at all the great products from crate engines to accessories from Chevrolet Performance on The BLOCK.

The BLOCK also offers some additional features, including an area for advice and insight on build projects from fellow builders, news items, and a look at the latest products, like crate engines and vehicle accessories from Chevrolet Performance. GM engineers and other insiders are said to be on The BLOCK as well, so users of the new social site may even have the opportunity to get advice from the top pros.

The BLOCK is set to be a different kind of social media site with all kinds of Chevy goodies in one place. If you’re a Chevy owner or even just a Chevy fan, be sure to head over to to check it out.

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