Since 1976 when the GM Foundation was formed, GM has donated millions to American charities. In remembrance of September 11th, the GM Foundation just donated $250,000 to the Travis Manion Foundation. With the tenth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks quickly approaching, GM is coming together with the Travis Manion Foundation to increase participation in the 9-11 Heroes Run. Thanks to Chevrolet News for bringing us the details.

Before Travis Manion left for a tour in Iraq, he visited Rescue One, the first responders unit that lost half its men in rescue missions for the September 11th attacks. This visit served as even more inspiration for Manion to serve his country.

The Travis Manion foundation was formed after Manion was killed by sniper fire in Fallujah, Iraq in 2007. When the Manion family received money rather than gifts when Manion died, they vowed to give all the money to a worthy cause. To honor all the men and women in police, fire, military and rescue units, the Manion family started the 9-11 Heroes Run. This year, 25 cities will participate in the 9-11 Heroes Run with all the proceeds going to families of fallen heroes.

In addition to donating a quarter of a million dollars to the foundation, a Chevrolet will be the official pace car for the 9-11 Heroes Run this year. This is a true expression of GM’s support for military families. Thanks goes to GM and the Travis Manion Foundation for all their support in honoring those who live and serve for our freedom and safety.