Are you planning on using an LSX454 crate engine in your latest car project? We don’t blame you, but you don’t want be caught without everything you need to make your car run smooth with your new beast of an engine. This is why GM Performance Parts has come up with an LSX454 Crate Engine Completion Kit that is sure to optimize the performance of the amazingly powerful LSX big-cube engine.

The new kit includes an LS7 intake manifold complete with a pre-assembled fuel rail, 90mm throttle body and injectors. It also includes a wiring harness, throttle pedal assembly and a calibrated engine controller. This kit is meant to save engine builders time and money as well as eliminate the need for third-party tuning. GM Performance Parts is confident that with the crate engine, Completion Kit and some other minor components, that the LSX454 can be properly put in your muscle car, truck or hotrod project and won’t need additional tuning, getting your ride on the road faster.

So what kind of performance can you expect out of your LSX454 with the Completion Kit? The LSX with the intake manifold is rated at 580 HP at 6,200 RPM and 590 pound-feet of torque at 4,800 RPM, which is plenty of raw power for your ultimate LS-powered project car. We can’t wait to see all your LSX454 powered project cars at shows and track events in the near future!