GM Hires More Workers To Build C7 Corvette

To say there is a lot of pent-up anticipation for the next Corvette is an understatement. With the current C6 having debuted back in 2005, it will have been a full eight years since a new Corvette hit showrooms. There is a lot of hype for the 2014 Corvette, dubbed the C7, and GM fully expects that at least for the first few months, the order hotline will be ringing off the hook.

In order to meet this pent-up demand, GM is hiring on around 150 temporary workers to help assist in the building of the C7 for the first few months, reports

The Corvette production plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, currently employs around 500 people, and of those over 80% are hourly assembly line workers. The addition of an extra 150 workers, albeit temporarily, works out to a 25% expansion of the work force. That’s a lot of people to building Corvettes.

That says to us that GM expects a lot of orders to flood in once they open up the ordering info. That probably won’t be until next spring, and while the exact number of workers hasn’t been settled on, they can probably expect employment through most of 2013. By 2014, all eyes will be on the next-gen Mustang… but Corvette collectors are sure to turn up in droves to get their hands on the latest and greatest American supercar.

GM is betting they already have a hit on their hands, and they’re probably right.

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