Some variants of the restomod craze actually look great, while others provide motivation for bulimics. Corvette Forums featured a thread about a company that can update a C3 with elements from a C6. Many forum members expressed their views, both positive and negative, on this conversion.

SpeedVette offers a kit to convert your existing C3 to a more modern C6 look, with prices starting at $8,995. A forum member attended Bloomington Gold and discovered SpeedVette’s offering to the C3 owners. After taking time to examine, photograph and grab literature, this forum member posted his findings on Corvette Forums.

What makes this C3/6 combination stand out is the obvious C6 front end that keeps the C3 raised hood.  It takes a extraordinary level of craftsmanship to merge two different generations of Corvettes, but the transition seems to be free of any obvious body gaps or alignment issues. The rear of the car is treated to a C6 influenced restyle that actually looks impressive and seems like it should have looked that way in the first place. The interior upgrades include C6 seats and an adaptation of the C6 center console to the existing C3 dash. Love it, hate it or remain indecisive, this is a unique offering that seems to be a well-engineered kit.