Giant “Hail Protector”- Your Car’s Safe Haven in a Hail Storm

Protecting your hot rod, muscle car or modern performance machine from the elements is a concern for almost every vehicle owner. While some remedy this by storing their vehicle in a garage or warehouse, others are left to find a different way of defending their prized possession. Lucky for those folks, there are options like the Hail Protector Automobile Hail Protection System.

While snow will melt, dirt will wash off and rain will bead away, hail damage is forever, or at least requires a costly repair. That’s what makes this unique contraption so great.

Built like a traditional car cover, the Hail Protector Automobile Hail Protection System cover offers UV protection, water resistance and the right amount of breathability to keep your covered vehicle from getting too hot or moisture from building up.

But that’s not all. In addition to the benefits of traditional car covers, the Hail Protector will inflate to form a protective barrier around your car in case of a hail storm.


When you have to park your car in the driveway or your vehicle is exposed to the elements while you’re shopping or at work, the Hail Protector system, starting at $299, is portable and can go wherever your car goes.

If hail is on its way, an alert is issued to your phone or tablet (via a downloadable app), giving you plenty of  time (between 30 and 60 minutes) to cover your car with the Hail Protector and activate it.

Once activated by remote control, the Hail Protector will inflate using “AA” batteries, a cigarette lighter cord, or AC outlet, keeping even softball-sized hail away from your vehicle.

Once the storm is over, you can remove the Hail Protector from your car, revealing a shiny and dent-free vehicle, or you can leave it on for future protection when you’re not able to run out and put it on your car.

While this product doesn’t 100-percent guarantee that your vehicle will not sustain any hail damage, it claims it will significantly decrease the odds of damage occurring. Certainly, parking in a garage or under some sort of covering wherever you go is always the best bet to prevent any damage caused by hail, but in a pinch, the Hail Protector can definitely give our vehicles a fighting chance against the elements. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

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