Get Your Wheels in Tip-Top Shape With Forgeline’s Services

We know what a drag it can be to have worn or damaged wheels but not want to spend gobs of money to replace them. Well, thanks to Forgeline, you don’t have to empty your bank account to get wheels you can be proud to have on your car. With their wheel refurbishing service, Forgeline can make your old and damaged wheels as good as new. Back that with a safety inspection and the quality work Forgeline is known for, and you’ve got yourself a great money-saving deal.

Famous for their innovative and top-notch racing wheels, Forgeline has been an industry leading expert in forged alloy automotive wheels for over 20 years now. With a love of motorsports and years of racing experience, Forgeline designs and builds their wheels to not only withstand the stresses of racing but look good while doing so.

Due to their commitment to the motorsports community, Forgeline has even earned places on some of the world’s fastest cars, including those that compete in the Sports Car Club of America Pro Racing, American Le Mans and Grand-Am competitions.

While you may not be a pro race car driver, you still depend on your wheels. Whether you’re drag racing, autocrossing or just driving around, your wheels can ware, sustain damage and age. With Forgeline’s wheel refurbishing service, you can correct for all of these problems.

For just $100 a piece, Forgeline will dismantle your wheels, strip off the old powder coat and check them for safety issues. Then, any imperfections will be ground out and a new layer of powder coat will be applied to the wheel centers before being reassembled. If the outer lips of your wheels need work as well, Forgeline can refinish the whole wheel for $175 a piece. Rims can also be repolished for $50 to $100 a piece depending on the condition of the wheel.

Don’t have Forgeline wheels? No problem! Forgeline’s refurbishing service is not just for their wheels. They can also refurbish most other major wheel brands.

Starting a new race season with less than stellar wheels can be a drag, so make sure you get your wheels into Forgeline before the season starts. For much less than what a new set would cost, you’ll be able to have wheels that are as good as new for 2012.

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