Muscle car news sites are popping up all over the internet like weeds, and many times, it’s difficult to know who to turn to for the latest and most insightful information. We here at powerTV are constantly scouring these blogs and sites looking for good, intelligent content and are often dismayed by what we find. That is, until we found Power & Performance News. Much like powerTV, Power & Performance News is less “blog” and more “magazine,” providing readers well-written, compelling content on all angles of the industry, be it car features, manufacturer shop tours, one-on-one interviews with key industry members, or in-your-face event coverage.

Since the staffers at Power & Performance News are so entwined with members of the aftermarket performance industry, Power & Performance News is able to provide new, fresh perspectives on current trends, new product developments and the latest in up-to-the-minute insider information. Make sure to check ’em out today!