Images: CorvetteBlogger

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and for new car brochures to come out! Just in time for your holiday shopping (hint hint), the 2012 Corvette Brochure has been released by Chevrolet. According to CorvetteBlogger, there is even a bonus in the brochure – a new format, giving you insight never heard before into the ‘12 Corvette’s performance.

Instead of just conveying available options for the Corvette in a boring manner, the new brochure employs details about the car from Tadge Juechter, Harlan Charles and Kirk Bennion, three of the men from the Corvette production team. This is a good move by Chevrolet as there is no one better to describe influences and inspiration for the ‘12 Corvette than the men who designed it.

Add that to the insight of Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan and Corvette racecar driver Tommy Milner, and the result is a rather extensive discussion of how the ‘12 Corvette shares its design and performance with the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning C6Rs by the powerful men behind Corvette’s success on and off the racetrack .

Everything from Corvette Racing’s Le Mans win to the use of a LS7 V8 power plant to the car’s frame is discussed by the men of Corvette. In reading through the brochure, it is obvious that Chevrolet and Corvette alike are serious about their Track to Street performance, from the major components to the minor details.

Match the discussion with the incredible images and writing style we’ve all come to expect from Corvette brochures, and you’ve got one hell of a read on your hands.

While we’re sure there won’t be a new Corvette placed under our tree this holiday season, it sure is fun to dream, and the new brochure helps us dream to the utmost reaches about the ’12 model. You can download your copy of the new brochure here, thanks to CorvetteBlogger.