Now that we’re in 2013, this marks the fourth year that Holley Performance has put on the LS Fest for enthusiasts like you and I. It’s an annual tradition that’s open to all LS-powered vehicles – whether they’re a GM-produced marque or not.

Since we’re in pretty tight with Holley, they sent over the official press release explaining all of the details, and it sounds like they’ve managed to pull off yet another great show! For starters, the Car Craft Engine Swap Challenge is back, where two teams will compete against each other for a chance to win a free LS motor. All they have to do is swap out their old engine for the LS ‘plant, and the winning team to bolt it in and fire it up first is the winner!

There will also be a show n’ shine, an autocross challenge, and naturally, multiple classes of drag racing for anyone looking to stack their cars head to head with other enthusiasts. Representatives from Baer Brakes will also be there to sponsor the Speed Stop Challenge, which requires drivers to fine tune their stopping abilities, balancing out speed and stopping distance. If you’ve never witnessed it in person, it’s really cool to watch!

The event kicks off at the start of the weekend on September 6th, and lasts through the 8th. If you’ve never been, then you seriously need to head to Bowling Green, Kentucky this September! For continuing details, be sure to check out their website, or you can get up to the minute updates on their Facebook page. See you there!