Get Hip To Pace Performance’s Facebook Page, Score a Deal Or Two

Oh, that wacky internet, with all its billions of users. Years ago (actually, it really wasn’t all that long ago, but you youngin’s ain’t gonna remember back that far), if you wanted people to know about your company and the wares you were selling, there were only a handful of ways of spreading the word, and those were nation-wide advertising campaigns and purchasing advertising space in either print, radio or television.

Now, that seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird (another thing you kids won’t know anything about). Nowadays, companies just need to go where the people are, and BAM! there you go, instant advertising. Well, sort of.

With social media exploding like it is – we’re looking at you, Facebook – with some near-billion users, it’s only logical for companies like Pace Performance to launch a new Facebook page, offering fans sweet daily deals, chances at free and/or discounted goods, and a bunch of other opportunities to score some sweet stuff for their cars.

The licensed GM Performance dealer just launched its all-new profile page on Facebook for all of you FB’ers who happen to love Bowtie performance. Not only is Pace offering cool rates on big stuff like drop-in-and-drive crate motors, but little needful things like break-in oil, tools, and accessories each and every day.

Seriously folks, if you’re a bargain-minded car builder (like most of us), you’d be a fool to let there daily deals pass you by!

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw is a self-proclaimed "muscle car purist," preferring solid-lifter camshafts and mechanical double-pumpers over computer-controlled fuel injection and force-feeding power-adders. If you like dirt-under-your-fingernails tech and real street driven content, this is your guy.
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