Video: A Great Start To Your Weekend With Great Starts From Nitto

Think back to some of your favorite car movies, one of them is likely Gone in Sixty Seconds. In one particular scene, Robert DuVall’s character, Otto, puts on a tape that has the various sounds of favorite sports cars with rumbling V8s or V12s. Memphis, played by Nicholas Cage, banters with Otto as they try to name that tune. It’s literally music to any gearheads ears when those engines rev, and the truly discerning gearhead will recognize a few on their own.

There’s always something about the sweet sound of a musclecar or sports car revving that makes our day a little better. So when Nitto Tire created their recent video entitled, “Getting Started – Every Epic Story Has A Great Start” on their YouTube channel, it was hard to stop the player without listening to each and every car starting up and revving its engine.

From musclecars to sports cars, classics to modern supercars, just about any car that has been significant in history, or in modern times, is represented as the video plays on. It’s one of those videos that you can put on when you’re feeling down, bored, or otherwise needing a little pick-me-up, and at the end it makes you want to go out and start up your own musclecar and listen to your favorite tunes.

Sure, Nitto is a tire company that many of us are familiar with, but the more important message is that they’re gearheads like us, and enthusiasts, and they know that while tires can make the car, the sound that emanates from the rear of the car is always great motivation to get out and drive. Every epic story has a great start, and in the video above are 33 of those great starts to get your own motor running. Which car is your favorite in the group? Which would you like to add to the list?

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Michael is a full time Power Automedia writer and automotive enthusiast who doesn’t discriminate. Although Mopar is in his blood, he loves any car that looks great and drives even faster.
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