Get A Free Optima Digital 400 With The Purchase Of A Battery

After a long winter in hibernation many of us are finding that our project vehicles are in need of a few things to get them ready for the road this spring, and in time for summer. If one of those things is a battery then April is the perfect time to buy a new Optima battery.

Through April 30, 2014 Optima is offering a free Digital 400 battery charger/maintainer or half-off a Digital 1200 charger with a retail purchase of any 12 volt Optima battery. This is a great opportunity to get a high end battery charger or maintainer at a heavy discount or free just for replacing and upgrading a battery to one from Optima.

Optima’s batteries offer legendary starting power, and great deep discharge capability. The Digital 1200 and Digital 400 charger and maintainer are also capable of recovering an Optima or other battery from a state of charge that might cause many owners to normally discard that same battery, this potentially saves owners hundreds of dollars over the life of a vehicle.

Vehicles that aren’t driven often, will see their battery slowly lose charge. The longer the car sits, the more the battery is discharged. This discharge is due to the draw that is placed on vehicle electrical systems from components that remain active after the car is shut off. Vehicle security systems, computer and sound system memory, body control modules, and a variety of other factory and aftermarket electrical components all contribute to this draw.

Chargers from Optima can help maintain batteries over short or long term storage periods, and even perform battery conditioning maintenance from time to time. This prolongs battery life, and Optima is so confident in it that if an owner purchases a 12 volt Optima battery and a Digital 1200 charger at the same time, Optima will extend the warranty of the battery for an additional 12 months.

So what are you waiting for? Chances are if your battery is more than a few years old, and it’s been sitting in the cold garage all winter long, with your treasured ride unstarted, you probably need a battery anyway. Now you can get a battery and charger or maintainer for free, but only through the end of April 2014. To find out what Optima battery fits your car or truck, check out the Optima website.


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