Get A Free Corvette With This $150,000 Painting

raines-corvette-1We don’t quite get art. Some people have described art as something that exists for no reason other than itself, which is like, woah, what? How does that even make sense? Other people seem to pretend to know about art to impress their peers, and still others are just looking to spend money and fill wall space.

raines-corvette-2If you’re a well-heeled Corvette enthusiast, do we have the art deal of the century for you. Jalopnik reports that this split-window Corvette painting, priced at $150,000, comes with a big bonus prize; a real 1963 split-window Corvette, free!

The painting is by Timothy Raines, who has done numerous car-centric works that sell for big bucks. Raines teamed up with the duPont Registry to present this duo of one of the most sought-after classic Corvettes of all time, and a legit piece of wall-occupying art. The work is done in Raine’s unique paint-drop style, and would make an excellent piece for a mancave, garage, or bachelor pad.

And let’s not forget that it comes with a sharp-looking ‘63 Corvette, the only year the Corvette had a split rear window. In a typical auction setting, a ‘63 Corvette will generally bring in between $110,000 and $140,000, depending on the area and auction. That puts the price of Raine’s art quite a ways up there. It’s a clever way to sell a car, or a piece of art, depending on your standpoint. Would you buy it?


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