Like so many automotive manufacturers these days, the folks at Optima Batteries have embraced the power of video in entertaining and informing customers and would-be customers of their products, the events, and the people that they support and sponsor, and the result is a YouTube page chocked full of videos, with everything from clips of NHRA Top Fuel driver David Grubnic and his Optima Batteries dragster to fisherman and their Optima-equipped boats, the Optima Faceoff, racer interviews, and more. But perhaps most valuable among them all are the informative Tech Tip videos that cross a number of battery and battery charging-related topics all centered around Optima’s high performance batteries.

optimaThe Optima YouTube page features several Tech Tip videos, highlighting topics such as how to choose the right battery for your application, proper battery charging tips and tricks, proper storage of batteries, what to expect in regards to battery life, knowing when to replace your battery, how to recover a deeply discharged battery, how to use Optima’s digital battery chargers and maintainers, and a whole lot of other great topics. If you’re particularly new to the automotive performance world or just want to know more about Optima Batteries and accessories, these are some great resources to help educate on the in’s and out’s of these vital parts of a vehicle.

The video featured here, entitled “What is the difference between a RedTop, YellowTop, and BlueTop Optima battery?” walks you through the process of better understanding each of the three different battery technologies that the colors represent and how each one performs in given applications and situations.

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