It’s been nearly a decade since the last new fifth-generation Corvette was built, but they remain extremely popular cars both with enthusiasts and aftermarket companies. It could be because they represent the best performance bargain on the market, or it could be because the flowing lines really lend themselves to creative aftermarket body kits. So, even ten years later, firms are still coming up with new, inspired body kits that look as good as they function.

So, is this swollen widebody kit one of them? German-based aftermarket firm Wittera is now offering a widebody aero kit to go hand in hand with a light tuning program that boosts handling and performance, reports Carscoop.

The body kit is offered in either carbon fiber or glass-fiber reinforced plastic, which is a tempered plastic designed to be stronger and more resistant to cracks than other plastics. Naturally though, the more-expensive carbon fiber is about 20% lighter. The body kit includes everything needed to increase the width and lower the aerodynamic drag of your C5 (which is already a pretty slick car.) Wittera also offers your choice of two front bumpers; a deep one that hugs the road, or a flatter one for cars with lowered suspensions.

As far as the looks go, you either love the look of this car, or you hate it. To us though, this C5 looks like it needs to hit the gym. Just sayin’.